Rajyog Solar

Residential Solar Applications

Save Money, Pay Less For Electricity...

Don't bother to pay huge amounts of money for electricity bills. Switch to solar and get rid of paying monthly bills.

Let The Sun Shine...

Let the sun brighten your homes with light even after it sets off. Get your homes installed with solar and don't worry for power cuts.

Roof-top solutions for bottom-based luxuries...

Get hot water all year round even when it rains cold outside , it will pour hot water inside. With latest tech and innovations in solar industry, your baths will get hotter all year round and at any time of the day.


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    Solar powering households to reap the fruits of consistent 24 hour electricity to brighten households with light, using AC's and TV sets.

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    Hot Water

    Install solar water heater to enjoying the luxury of hot water all day long without the distress of high electricity bills. And enjoy the peace of mind.

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    Warmed Swimming Pool

    Chill with the nirvana of hot water throughout the day with warmed swimming pools.

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    Outdoor Lights

    Solar Outdoor lights are independent of the utility grid resulting to lessened operation costs. These means that these are wireless lights and are not connected to your electricity provider.

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    We are all dependent on the earth’s limited resources of fossil fuels. And the dwindling forests are being depleted for firewood. Cooking with the sun reduces the dependence on these resources.