Solar Street Light System

The Solar street lighting systems consists of Solar Module, Luminary, Solar Battery, Controller, Inter connecting wires & cables, Module mounting pole including hardware and battery box. The luminary is mounted on the pole at a suitable angle to maximize illumination on the ground. The PV module is placed at the top of the pole at an angle facing south so that it receives the maximum radiation throughout the day, without any shadow falling on it.

A grid connected PV system consists of solar panels, one or several string or central solar inverter, DC,AC Protections, Bi-directional Net meter etc.


  • It is a standalone system and works even where there is no grid supply.
  • Easy to transport and install anywhere and is suitable for remote areas.
  • Provides lighting for 10-12 hours daily without running cost.
  • Boon to local bodies as they can save electricity consumption charges.
  • No need for manual operation as it has automatic switch “on/off” facility.