Grid Connected (On Grid) Roof Top Solar Power Plant

Grid connected or On Grid roof top solar power plant is electricity generating Solar PV power system that is connected to the utility grid.

A grid connected PV system consists of solar panels, one or several string or central solar inverter, DC,AC Protections, Bi-directional Net meter etc.

They range from small residential and commercial roof top systems to large utility-scale solar power feeder. This system meets electricity demand of customer and when excess power is fed into grid when there is excess during customer low load or no load conditions.

This excess energy fed to the grid or energy required during night hour’s measures by Bi-direction meter which is called as net-meter. Since power is banked in the grid during day hours so no battery required for storage.


  • As no use of battery its saves battery cost as well as battery maintenance cost.
  • MNRE/MEDA subsidy available for Individual Residential or Society customers, NGO’s, Trust Hospital’s and Trust Institute which is eligible for MNRE/MEDA Criteria.
  • Tax Saving benefit through accelerated depreciation for Industrial or commercial customers.
  • Low maintenance and Long life of the plant.
  • Initial investment recovers in minimum duration i.e. ROI is high.